Our Story

June 2017

Global Regulators and Compliance Innovation Summit: global regulators and global heads of financial services compliance will convene at the House of Lords to discuss current issues around Global Social Media Compliance and find innovative ways to work together to create an international community of compliance.

May 2017

FINRA Annual Conference attending and speaking

January 2017

SMC hosting SMC breakfast #millennialme at World Economic Forum, DAVOS. Breakfast presented by James Veitch – famous for TedTalk James Veitch: This is what happens when you reply to spam email will cover Social Media 101, followed by SnapChat tutorial and update from SMC.

November 2016

Bristol Social Media Week hosting Social Media Regulation talk

July 2016

London FinTech Week Twitter webinar (https://twitter.com/KittyParry Business Value Exchange @HPEBVEx #ITValue How do businesses keep pace with big data in regards to fintech and compliance )

June 2016

Digital Forum (see attached)

June 2016

St Petersburg (see recent blog on website)

January 2016

Presentation at World Economic Forum DAVOS

Mar 2015

FCA’s social media guidance published, meaning firms are now being watched by the regulator in their social media news. SMC have reviewed this guidance, along with other global regulation and formed a full cycle solution to help make firms and their employees compliant in their social media behaviour.

January 2015

SMC hosts a panel at the World Economic Forum 2015 in Davos, discussing the changing regulatory environment and the increased opportunity, and necessity, to build a compliant social media policy model

December 2014

SMC officially launches at the House of Lords with the ‘Responsible Social Media Summit’ where leading industry regulators, lawyers, financial experts and compliance officers come together to discuss the increasing importance of social media within the financial services, and the subsequent risk that social media presents without a discursive and collaborative relationship between the regulator and corporate body

Aug 2014

FCA undertakes a consultation ahead of the publication of its guidance on social media use

May 2014

FCA employs staff to monitor the twitter feeds of asset management firms

May 2014

FCA reviews and agrees to the Social Media Charter guidelines

Feb 2014

A team of regulation and employment barristers, social media experts and communication specialists start to draft the Social Media Charter guidelines and principles

Jan 2014

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) advised that it would publish guidance on social media policy the coming year

Sept 2013

The birth of the Social Media Charter as a concept

Aug 2013

Kitty Parry, founder of Social Media Compliance (SMC) realises that it is essential to bring clarity to social media regulation and that achieving this would require collaboration from the regulator, the regulated and industry bodies

July 2013

A second global investment firm voices their confusion surrounding compliance when engaging with customers and the public through social media

Jun 2013

A major US investment firm highlights the lack of clarity regarding social media compliance